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The Sacred Earth Medicine Path is an alchemical journey of transformation and awakening.

Answer the call to step forth as a Caretaker of mother Earth.

The Sacred Earth Medicine Path is an inner journey of healing, awakening and transformation. It is a journey that traces a spiral path with no beginning and no end. It aligns with the four traditional Andean Archetypes and is held by the sacred energies of the Heavens and Earth, Four Corners of the Earth, Sun, Moon, and Stars, and the sacred mountains. It is a beautiful journey of remembering our true nature, of growing into true adulthood, and of awakening into our true destinies. It is a journey that requires an open heart and an open mind.


As we are born into this world, we pass through a veil of forgetting who we are and why we came here. As the experiences of this life accrue, most of us become attached to stories, patterns and conditionings that define our identity. These influences operate subconsciously and are woven together like a mesh that filters how we perceive reality.


The initial steps along this path involve becoming conscious of our identification with those influences and releasing that which does not support our joy and aliveness. When we cleanse our perceptions and free our energy field of the residue of the past, we experience deep healing and peace.

Sacred Earth Medicine Path Teacher

Orit Heartlight

With Shaman's Journey's Founder

Tomas Bostrom

We begin to remember and reconnect with our destiny. As we get out of our head, our heart opens and flowers. Our vision opens and we become able to perceive within non-physical realms of energy and light. For many, this is a new experience. For others, it is something they have always experienced but not understood. We learn the shaman's skills for focusing perception and tracking energy. We rediscover impeccability and integrity at a higher transpersonal level.


We connect energetically with spiritual allies and guides who support us from the invisible realms outside ordinary space-time. We receive powerful energy transmissions that activate and re-inform our DNA and our light body. As our vibrational frequency rises, we become more able to receive guidance and wisdom for a wholesome new way of being in life directly from Spirit, without intermediaries.

This prepares us for the next stage of the journey. We move beyond the context of our personal healing and grow into being of service for the greatest good. Coming from a place of gratitude, humility and respect for all life, we step up as caretakers of the earth and stewards of the world around us. Only then are we ready to begin dreaming the world into being, connecting directly to the source of creation. This power can only be held by those who have truly taken the journey.


We live in a time of great awakening of consciousness on planet Earth. The journey around the Sacred Earth Medicine Path helps us to heal, awaken and step into our destiny.


We are delighted to present this one-year training program in the Shamanic way of being in life in California. It consists of four sessions, or workshops, spread over a 12-month period of practice and integration. Each workshop of this medicine path builds upon the work of the previous session. A structure of support and guidance is provided between workshops. Come take this journey with a group of like-minded people who will become your friends for life!


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SEMP General Info

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SEMP Sessions
About the Workshops

SERPENT: The Way of Healing

The Sacred Earth Medicine Path journey begins with the Serpent workshop. It is a three-day group training intensive session which initiates the process of healing and activation of the individual's energy field, by working with the gentle healing energies of Mother Earth. We learn the basics of shedding attachment to the past by examining our perceptions. Working at the level of our core energy field, we learn how to release stories and scripts that program us for repeated failure and suffering. During this workshop, the participant starts his or her personal medicine bundle, called a Mesa, which receives the Mesa Blessing rites in ceremony. Initiations include the Ayni Karpay transmissions.

The session includes teaching segments, demonstrations, experiential exercises, shamanic journeys, ceremonies and time for processing.

A three-month period of personal practice and integration follows, during which a structure of free supporting teleconferences and opportunities to engage with the community are presented. Each participant also has the opportunity to work one-on-one with the course instructor to anchor the teachings and practices into their life.

JAGUAR: The Way of Transformation

When we gather again for the Jaguar workshop, we take a deeper look into the systems and programs that operate at a subconscious level. Working with shamanic practices, loving kindness, self-awareness and emotional release, we learn how to free ourselves from ancestral patterns, karmic influences and cultural conditioning. Here we step onto the path of the peaceful spiritual warrior who lives in service for the highest good of the community. We break the grip of fear and develop a benign relationship with death. Ceremonies include the Pampamesayok Karpay initiations. The Jaguar workshop is also followed by a three-month period of supported integration and practice.


HUMMINGBIRD: The Way of Initiation

When we come together for the Hummingbird workshop we learn to access Kairos, or sacred circular time, as shamans and mystics have practiced for millennia, disengaging from the confines of Chronos, or linear time. We reconnect with ancient memories and our origins through ceremony. We step beyond the limits of the known to access the unknowable secret of our true nature. Here we learn to access the mystery teachings that initiate us to be in service of the wisdom tradition. We receive the blessings of the Altomesayok Karpay initiation rites and the Mosoq Kuna Karpay rites of the Time to Come. The Hummingbird workshop is again followed by a three-month period of supported integration and practice of the teachings. 


CONDOR/EAGLE: The Way of Co-Creation

Here we learn to access the shamanic way of dreaming the world into being through pure awareness and intention. We learn to grow beyond the context of our personal healing work and accept responsibility as stewards of creation. As we do, the world heals, and we experience the sacred in every moment. Ceremonies include the Kurakakuyak Karpay Rites and the Taitanchis Ranti rites.

SACRED EARTH MEDICINE PATH –  California 2024-2025

Serpent: The Way of Healing                                    October 11 - 13, 2024

Recommended preparation: Participate in The Art of Shamanic Journeying workshop, OR Receive the Munay-Ki Rites,  AND/OR receive a shamanic healing session with the lead teacher.

Jaguar: The Way of Transformation                          February  7 - 9, 2025

Prerequisite: Serpent


Hummingbird: The Way of Initiation                          May  9 - 11, 2025

Prerequisites: Serpent and Jaguar


Condor/Eagle: The Way of Co-Creation                   August  8 - 10, 2025

Prerequisites: Serpent, Jaguar and Hummingbird  

Investment (Including meals):   $715 per session
Payment Options for Tuition and Meals :                           
2024-2025 Dates
2024-2025 Investment

1. Pay In Full for all four sessions:  make one payment of $ 2,660 due by September 6, 2024 

2. Pay Per Session: make five payments as follows:                                  

                        $135 deposit for each session:                $540 due by September 6, 2024                                                                                                        Serpent session:                           $580 due by September 23, 2024                                                                                                     Jaguar session:                             $580 due by January 13, 2025                                                                                                            Hummingbird session:                  $580 due by April 11, 2025                                                                                                                Condor/Eagle session:                 $580 due by July 11, 2025                              


3. Monthly Payments:  make ten payments as follows:

           $135 deposit for each session:      $540 due by September 6, 2024                                                                                                                    Second Payment:            $250 due by September 23 2024                          

            Eight monthly payments:               $285 due by 1st of each month            

                                                                  *Final payment due in June, 2025

                 (For the monthly payment option, a signed agreement form is required)


4. A limited number of Work-Study discounted plans are available. Please inquire if you are interested in this option.


5 . Medicine Path/Wheel graduates are welcome to repeat workshops or the entire year with us at the discounted rate of $535 per session (includes tuition and meals), contingent on available space. Please contact us to verify your status prior to registering.

This discount is also extended to those who were not able to complete their Medicine Path/Wheel with us, and would like to repeat sessions before completing the program. This discount will apply to any repeated sessions.  

How to Make Payments:

To pay with Venmo online click the link below


           or find this account on the App

Paying by Venmo may incur fees, which you will be required to cover.

To pay with a check payable to Shaman's Journey,

Mail to: Orit Heartlight-Bornstein  30346 Goodspring Dr. Agoura Hills, CA 91301


To begin your registration, fill out the application form. Please e-mail the completed form to or mail it to the address below.  DOWNLOAD APPLICATION FORM


Upon receipt of the application, a "mutual interview" (telephone or Zoom call or in-person meeting) will be scheduled to briefly discuss the program requirements and answer any questions you may have. This is so we can start getting to know each other and to make sure the Sacred Earth Medicine Path is a good fit for you.


The second step is payment of investment. Upon receipt of payment, a more detailed schedule and logistics letter will be sent to you. Registration is now open. Please contact us with any questions about tuition, investment, or registration.   


In order to prepare yourself for the program, we strongly recommend that prior to the Serpent workshop, you either participate in The Art of Shamanic Journeying workshop, receive the Munay-Ki Rites or at least one shamanic healing session with the lead teacher. 


Location and Lodging

Location: A private residence in Agoura Hills, California. Lodging is not included.

A logistical letter will be sent to those who register, and will include options for lodging near by. 


We are delighted to serve meals of freshly prepared organic vegetarian dishes, prepared by professional staff. Please let us know when you fill out your application form whether you have any special dietary restrictions or allergies, such as gluten free, vegan etc. Our chefs will make every effort to accommodate your needs. We will serve three lunches (Friday, Saturday. and Sunday), and two dinners (Friday and Saturday), which are included in the workshop's investment.

Additional Information


Lead teacher: Orit Heartlight.     Senior Teaching Assistant: J.T. McKinney. Assistants: Elana Nathan. 




  • Comfortable clothes (like yoga wear) for the course, as some of our course work is done indoors on the floor. 

  • Outdoor clothing: come prepared to do evening fire ceremonies and daytime outdoor explorations. Plan according to the weather and time of year.

  • Ceremonial evening clothes (nice dress, or slacks and shirt).

  • We respectfully ask that participants refrain from wearing scented products during the workshops.

  •  An eye mask or bandanna.


What to Bring 


  •  Three stones – each stone should fit easily into your hand and move you or speak to you in some way. Ideally, find the stones in Nature, so you know where they came from. Specific information about the stones for each session will be given upon registration.

  •  A mestana or ceremonial cloth to hold your stones – approximately 18” x 18”.

  •  Returning students: bring your Mesa.

  •  Rattle or small drum - if you have one.

  •  Journal for your notes.

  •  Small gifts – you will be receiving initiation rites in the Q'ero tradition. Please bring a heartfelt gift to the person gifting the rites to complete the exchange of energy necessary for the transmission of these powerful initiations. Specific information about the gifts for each session will be given upon registration. Typical gift suggestions: Beeswax or Soy unscented candles. 100% Pure Organic Essential Oil (Frankincense, Lavender, Bergemont, Ylang Ylang, etc.); Crystal or Healer's Stones; Ceremonial Feathers; Incense or Smudge Sticks; Organic Natural Bar Soaps; Medicine Pouch or Box; Flower Essences; Abalone Shells.

  • Flashlight or headlamp with fresh batteries.



  • "Back-jacks” and chairs will be provided for seating in the classroom. Please bring any special padding you may need.

Terms and Conditions

Deposits are non-refundable. Written request for cancellation received up to 30 days prior to event: tuition paid will be refunded, minus $175 cancellation fee. Written request received after 30 days prior to event: tuition paid will be refunded, minus $275 cancellation fee. Due to the high fixed costs of producing the event, no refunds will be given for those who do not attend or cancel in writing prior to 14 days before event. Exceptions to these policies may be granted at Shaman's Journey's discretion depending on the circumstances..


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