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The Munay-Ki – An Introduction


The Munay-Ki Rites are the sacred initiation rites of medicine men and women known as Earthkeepers who live high in the Andes and the Amazon rainforest. They are keepers of a body of prophecies that speak about this time in history as a time of great change and of great opportunity for humanity. They foretell of a new kind of human being appearing on the planet today - a person of wisdom and power who lives free of fear and who abides in their eternal nature, accepting stewardship

for all creation. We like to call this new human Homo Luminous – Being of Light.

As important as these prophecies are the processes or rites of initiation that activate and energize our

inherent self-healing powers, and which connect us to luminous helping spirits that

dwell in invisible realms. These are energetic transmissions that allow us to 

make a quantum evolutionary leap forward.

The Munay-Ki Rites activate a person’s DNA and luminous architecture to this

extraordinary potential. They are a nine-step process for awakening and

expanding consciousness. They assist us in healing the wounds of the past and

the wounds of our ancestors – the karmic and genetic inheritance we are born with.


The Munay-Ki Rites help us to become instruments of peace and agents for the awakening

of humankind. 


The Earthkeepers recognize that each of us has a Luminous Energy Field that permeates and envelops the

physical body. It acts like software that informs and organizes DNA, which is the hardware of the body. 

When we download the latest version of the software, we can reach into the future and step into our destiny; receiving the instructions to re-program our DNA, helping us to create new rainbow light bodies that live, age, heal and die differently.

The Munay-Ki Initiation Rites are the energetic gateways to make this transformation within our lifetime.

If you feel a calling from Spirit that resonates with your inner compass, we welcome you with an open heart.

The Ceremonies

The Munay-Ki are nine distinct energy transmissions that are gifted from one person to another in a series of sacred ceremonies that take place over a period of three to four months. Those who bring the rites through (“Rite Bringers”) are trained to act as a conduit or “hollow bone” through which the energy passes. The nine sacred rites have been distilled from their indigenous origins and have been adapted to a simple format that is easily followed.


Munay-Ki means “The Power of Love” and indeed, the rites are given freely with an open heart. What is required for you to experience this gift is an open heart, an open mind, and a willingness to receive. The rites come as tiny energetic seeds, or packets of highly refined consciousness. It is then up to the recipient to grow the seeds, or by default allow them to safely release their potential as gentle healing energies.


The entire process is offered in a sacred and respectful manner, with attention to comfort and well-being. Any time a recipient becomes uncomfortable, they may simply discontinue the process. Most people experience remarkable results and enthusiastically continue their participation. Tens of thousands of people have received the Munay-Ki rites and have reported results such as increased health, clarity of purpose, opening of their heart center, expansion of consciousness and a greater awareness of the invisible realms of energy.


The Munay-Ki Rites are always offered for free. They are a gift from the luminous beings of this lineage who have transcended the cycle of birth and death and who live outside ordinary time.


Participating in a Munay-Ki Ceremony

Munay-Ki ceremonies usually last around two and a half to three hours and are generally attended by ten to twenty people. Each gathering includes a short introduction, Rite Bringing and instructions for care and feeding of the rites.


The Rites are offered to all who feel called. No prior experience or training is necessary. Children should be at least 9 years or older. If you have special transportation or mobility needs, please let us know one week in advance.


We invite you to make a spirit-guided donation at each gathering to help offset the costs of producing it ($15 suggested).


In addition, you are requested to give a small heartfelt gift to the person who brings each rite to you. This is a traditional mode of energy exchange and is a necessary part of the transmission of the rites. Gift suggestions: Bees wax candles; 100% pure Organic essential oil; crystal or healer's stone; ceremonial feather; incense or smudge stick; unscented pillar candle; flower essences. These are only suggestions; bring something that you will be honored to give and would be grateful to receive.


There are nine rites and they are an energetic progression. You must receive them in the prescribed order they are given. Please allow a minimum of one week between receiving rites in order to germinate and integrate the energy.


Once you have received all nine rites, you may receive them again, and then you are eligible to be trained as a Rite Bringer by completing a simple course.  LEARN MORE


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Upcoming Munay-Ki Gatherings – Agoura Hills

(Contact Orit Here)



Saturday, December 2 (Intro)  -------------  6:00pm

Saturday, December 16  --------------------  6:00pm


Saturday, January 6  -------------------------  6:00pm

Saturday, January 20  -----------------------  6:00pm

Saturday, February 3  ------------------------  6:00pm

Saturday, February 17  ----------------------  6:00pm 

Saturday, March 2  ----------------------------  6:00pm

Saturday, March 16  --------------------------  6:00pm

For other Munay-ki locations contact:


Ojai, California: Orit Heartlight

Ventura, California: Shannon Sosebee

Santa Barbara, CA: Shannon Sosebee



  The Munay-Ki Rites Bringers Course


 The energetic seeds of the Munay-Ki Rites have been passed from Earthkeeper to Earthkeeper for millennia. We are now       called to be the Earthkeepers of the new age.


 During their visits to the USA, the Q'ero pointed out that the Munay-Ki Rites are not just meant for us to experience individually -   they are meant to be shared with others - with great munay, with love. It is our experience that when we share the Rites with

 others, they truly blossom within us. 

 Many of you who have received the nine rites have said you would like to learn the ways of bringing the rites. This   course was created for you.


  Course Goals 


  • To prepare a Rite Bringer to confidently gift each of the Munay-Ki Rites with power and grace. 

  • To ground the Rite Bringer in the source of the Munay-Ki.

  • To root the Rite Bringer in the five Great Principles and Three Hallmark Practices

  • To empower a Rite Bringer with skills to coach and mentor others through the basic initiation processes.

  • To establish a high standard of quality for Rite Bringers that ensures consistency and care in the gifting of Munay-Ki Rites.

  • To educate the Rite Bringer with the necessary background information, resources and organizing tools to confidently present the Munay-Ki to a small gathering.


  Course Outline 


  Each class includes interactive discussion, demonstration, practice and homework.


  Class 1

Preparing to Bring Rites
Process of BringingRites
Pi Stone & Luminous Energy Field
Matrix of 9 Rites
Bringing Rites 1 - 3


  Class 2 

Daily Practice: Five Great Principles & Three Hallmark Practices
Overview of Medicine Path

Connecting with the Energies of the Lineage Rites
Bringing Rites 4 - 7


  Class 3 

Review and Practice

Mapping the Rites
Bringing Rites  8 and 9
Homo Luminous


  Class 4

Review and Practice all Rites
Mapping the Rites

Facilitating a small Munay-Ki gathering

Coaching & Mentoring an Initiate

Upcoming Rites Bringers Classes


Classes are scheduled based on interest, so please contact us and let us know if you are interested!



Agoura Hills, California: Orit Heartlight 

Ojai, California: Orit Heartlight

Ventura, California: Shannon Sosebee


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