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The Medicine Wheel 

The Inka Medicine Wheel program far surpassed even my exalted expectations. When I look back at how much has changed in the last 12 months, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Cry because I’m grateful; laugh because I’m happy!


Tomas is an awesome tour guide for this journey—patiently imparting knowledge, holding space, and balancing the need for timelessness within the physical space/time continuum. His drum journeys and rite transmissions are powerful! His kindness and non-judgmental approach gently encourages each participant to go deeper—risk more, trust more, embody more.

–  Leslee Goodman



I have always had deep spiritual belief but never had a spiritual practice. Now I do, and the Medicine Wheel has made a tremendous difference. I have lost my anxiousness, my trying to make things happen, the volatility of my emotions. I've become far more focused yet flexible, joyous in the moment rather than projecting backward and forward in time. I was lifted.

–  Dulanie  

Dying Consciously: The Greatest Journey

 "With the unexpected loss of the patriarch of our family, there were so many words that were left unspoken. To come together in ceremony, honoring and remembering how he touched our lives helped all of us tremendously through the grieving process. Together, we were able to express our love and gratitude for all he brought to our lives and were able to come closer as a family which was so important to him. Not only did we express our love for him, but said things to one another that we thought we could never say - this alone brought decades of healing.


Our family has never been spiritual so we were concerned about how the process would be received. By the time we were halfway through the aya despacho ceremony, there wasn't a dry eye in the house and everyone involved was fully engaged and touched deeper than we could have imagined. All of us have been transformed profoundly by this experience and feel better knowing that the full expression of our prayers, love and gratitude for all he brought to our lives were buried with him." 

–  Andrea 


My mother and I attended the 'Dying Consciously' workshop together. She is in her 90's and expects to "launch" (as she calls it) soon, so she wanted to know more about the process and I wanted to know how to best assist her in her journey to the other side. The workshop gave me practical tools and understanding about the death process.


I was glad to be reminded that this is a sacred journey – essential knowledge for anyone. This is a gift to give yourself and the people you love, even those whom you may struggle to love at times. We are all going to die and we are all going to have people we know die. Our ability to face this journey with a positive expectation instead of dread, with empowerment rather than helplessness, with calm rather than anxiety, with great love and guidance is what "Dying Consciously" teaches.

–  D  

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